Insurance Coverage For Our Family

Insurance Coverage for Our Family

  • What You NEED TO KNOW About Auto Insurance

    Auto insurance can be confusing. There are so many different types of coverage, basic requirements for each state, and monthly costs associated with everything. If you are not careful, you can end up with either more or less insurance than you need for a price you cannot afford. What do you really need? The first thing to know about auto insurance is that the coverage you need really depends on your situation.

  • 4 Holiday Mishaps That Will Make You Glad You Have Homeowner's Insurance

    The holidays are a time of hectic hijinks, heartwarming and hearth-warming happiness, and... holy Moses! The house is on fire! Yes, winter is the most common season for homes to burst into flames and result in an untold number of accidents, all of which culminate in homeowner's insurance claims. The following highlights the four most common holiday mishaps that will make you exceedingly joyful that you have homeowner's insurance. 1. Holiday Dinners Burning

  • Tips for Insuring Your First Classic Car

    If you recently purchased your first classic car for what you hope will someday become a larger collection, then it is vital you obtain the right auto insurance to protect your investment. Though you may be familiar with insuring other types of vehicles, classic cars require some special considerations modern cars don't have to contend with. Here are some tips to ensure you obtain the best classic car insurance policy to protect your investment at the best possible price:

  • Don't Risk Your Coverage: How To Avoid Problems With Your Car Insurance

    When you own a car, you're legally obligated to maintain insurance coverage for it. If you own the car outright, meaning there is no finance company, you can get away with having liability-only coverage on it. However, if you are financing your car, you must have full coverage, meaning it's insured for collision damage. In most instances, if you continue to make your payments on time, you'll continue to have coverage.

  • Factors To Help You Determine When To File A Homeowner's Insurance Claim

    Homeowner's insurance is something you must purchase if you own a home and have a loan on the house; however, people often have homeowner's insurance even when they do not owe money on the house. This type of insurance protects you in many ways, and it will help you pay for expenses due to certain types of damage to your home. If you recently experienced damage to your home and are not sure if you should file a claim, here are several factors to consider to help you decide:

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