Insurance Coverage For Our Family

Insurance Coverage for Our Family

  • 3 Questions You May Have About SR-22 Auto Insurance

    If you receive a letter in the mail from the DMV that tells you that you need SR-22, you might have no clue what this is or why you need it, and the most important thing to know is that you must get it if you want to keep driving. SR-22 is not an optional choice you have if the DMV sends you this letter. It's a requirement, and here are three questions you might have about it if you need it.

  • Why It's Important To Choose The Right Homeowners Insurance Provider

    As a homeowner, you might be shopping around for homeowners insurance so that you can protect yourself and your home. When choosing a homeowners insurance provider, it is important to look for a company that you can count on. These are some of the reasons why the provider that you choose is so important. Costs Vary From Company to Company You might be under the impression that you will pay similar rates between different homeowners insurance companies, but this often is not the case at all.

  • Buying Insurance For Your Contracting Business

    A contractor will face a variety of liabilities over the course of their completing projects for their clients. However, it is possible to greatly mitigate this threat by using contractor's insurance to provide protection against the liabilities that you may encounter. Does A Contractor's Insurance Policy Always Cover Worker's Compensation? Depending on the size of your contracting operation, you may be required to purchase worker's compensation to cover those working under you.

  • Is SR22 Necessary When You Don't Own A Car?

    The requirement for SR22 filing can become necessary for various reasons. However, some people may not have a vehicle and feel as if the added expense that can come with SR22 isn't necessary. Nevertheless, there are some situations in which you may still need or want SR22 insurance, even if you don't own a car. Do You Need Your Driver's License Reinstated? Many people want to maintain a license for various reasons, some of which have nothing to do with actual driving.

  • An Overview Of Other Structures Covered In Homeowners Insurance Policies

    Home insurance coverage protects you from various risks, which is why it includes various forms of coverage. One of these is 'other structures' coverage, which many people have heard of but don't know intimately. Below is a series of questions and answers to shed more light on other structures coverage. What Is It? Homeowners insurance is designed for your primary dwelling (your main house). Other structures coverage (also known as Coverage B), on the other hand, applies to other structures on your property aside from your primary dwelling structure.

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