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Insurance Coverage for Our Family

Is SR22 Necessary When You Don't Own A Car?

Christian Byrd

The requirement for SR22 filing can become necessary for various reasons. However, some people may not have a vehicle and feel as if the added expense that can come with SR22 isn't necessary. Nevertheless, there are some situations in which you may still need or want SR22 insurance, even if you don't own a car.

Do You Need Your Driver's License Reinstated?

Many people want to maintain a license for various reasons, some of which have nothing to do with actual driving. Your driver's license serves as identification, and some employers may require you to have one even if the job doesn't include any driving. If you plan to reinstate your license, you will need SR22.

Since driving with an expired or suspended license can sometimes lead to the SR22 requirement for reinstatement, you wouldn't want to make the same mistake again going forward. Your DMV won't even allow you to go through the reinstatement process if you don't meet the SR22 requirement.

Is There A Chance You May Drive Someone Else's Car?

The SR22 requirement applies to all driving scenarios. If you need to drive a friend's car or routinely shuttle someone around using their car, you will need a filed SR22. You should have SR22 anyway if you have a valid license as license reinstatement will typically require proof of SR22.

This all applies to driving for work-related purposes as well. Just as with driving someone else's car, driving for business requires SR22 as well.

Are You Unsure Whether You Will Drive or Not?

You may not have a need to drive now, but you may have a need to drive in the future. In addition, you may live a life where the need to drive can come up suddenly and unexpectedly.

Even if you have no vehicle, these situations can present you with a dilemma, especially if the situation involves an emergency. To protect yourself and stay legal, you can pick up a SR22 policy to cover any eventually.

What some people may not know is that there are different types of SR22 certificates. Choosing the right one can cover any situation in which you don't own a vehicle but still need to drive.

  • Owner – For people who own a vehicle
  • Non-owner – For people without a vehicle
  • Owner operator – For people who drive various vehicles

These policies can show up under different names. However, you should know that there are options even if you don't own a vehicle. SR22 filing, even without a car, is something worth considering for in all these scenarios.


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