Insurance Coverage For Our Family

Insurance Coverage for Our Family

Home Insurance Tips When You're Renovating Your Home

Christian Byrd

Renovating your house brings a lot changes to your insurance situation. These changes will apply both during and after the renovation process. To ensure that you're properly covered and also getting the deal you deserve from your insurer, there are a number of factors you should take into consideration.

Ensure the Contractor is Insured

A simple mistake by your contractor or one of their people can change your home renovation into a nightmare. It's important to realize that your regular home insurance coverage might not be applicable during the renovation process. Therefore, it's important to work with an insurer who is properly covered.

Additionally, you won't want to be held liable in case one of the contractors is injured while working on your property. Therefore, ensure that your contractor has the necessary insurance cover before the work begins. Request a copy of their insurance certificate as wells as workers' compensation insurance certificate. This will keep you comfortable during the renovation process.

Keep All Necessary Documents

You will need to update your insurance policy after the remodeling process is complete. The upgrades you've made may qualify you for certain benefits and the insurance company may also need to know what effects the renovations made may have on your present policy. Keep a record of any document that may be relevant to this process including receipts, estimates, bids and invoices. You can also take before and after pictures of the areas where the renovations were done. This isn't a requirement but it can make it easier to update your policy.

Check if Certain Upgrades May Make You Eligible for Discounts

When you're renovating the house or parts of it, you have a great opportunity to make improvements that could lower your insurance premiums. A fire alarm system, a home security system or even a better roof can qualify you for certain discounts if you're with the right insurer. Discuss these with your home insurance agent services to know what upgrades will apply.

Consider Extra Coverage During the Renovation

Many insurance policies will not automatically cover you during the period when you're carrying out repairs, renovation or remodeling. However, this can be a risky period for your home especially if some parts of the house are exposed to the elements. You should consider extra coverage that will cover your home and the contents within during this time. It might be well worth it in case of something like a sudden downpour.

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