Insurance Coverage For Our Family

Insurance Coverage for Our Family

5 Ways To Get The Best Auto Insurance Rate

Christian Byrd

When someone seeks a car insurance quote, they're usually trying to get the best possible rate. A driver can do the following five things to find a good rate on solid coverage.

Deductibles vs. Premiums

If you want a lower premium, you need to carry a higher deductible. Ideally, you can use the savings over time to fund your deductible, essentially insuring yourself for the portion that the insurer doesn't cover. However, you should never carry a higher deductible than you can afford to pay out of pocket. Otherwise, you might not be able to fill the gap between what's needed to fix the vehicle and what the insurance policy provides.

Know Your Daily Risks

Your coverage should match your daily risks as much as possible. If you live in an area where there are numerous non-vehicular risks, then you'll want a comprehensive policy rather than just collision coverage. While this is pricier in the short run, hitting a deer is all it takes to total the car and leave you with the bill.

Also, discuss your daily risks with your agent. If you work from home exclusively and never take your vehicle out on business, for example, make sure your insurer knows this. You don't want to pay for a policy that covers non-existent risks like business travel when your car barely does more than go to the grocery store.


The consumer's best tool for working with auto insurance companies is to shop. Even if you love a particular rate, it's just a car insurance quote. Ask other car insurance providers for quotes and then compare the rates.


From the perspective of an auto insurance agency, spreading risk across more assets is almost always a win. Consequently, the bundle is a great deal for both the policyholder and the insurer. Ask about bundling any combination you can think of, such as home and auto. Likewise, adding more vehicles to your policy if you own more than one usually fetches a better rate versus insuring them individually.

If there are other drivers in the household, ask if you can put them on your policy. Especially if you have teenage drivers, you will almost certainly get a better rate covering them on your policy than letting them drive on their car insurance.


Whenever something changes in your life, let the insurance company know ASAP. Even something as simple as moving across the same city can change your risk profile and rates significantly. 

For more info about auto insurance, contact a local professional. 


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