Insurance Coverage For Our Family

Insurance Coverage for Our Family

Learn How Small Businesses And Even Sole Practitioners Can Take Advantage Of Group Health Insurance

Christian Byrd

If you own a small business with only a few employees, you may think that qualifying for group health insurance rates is out of the question. After all, most people simply assume that these rates are only offered to large companies with a significant number of insured employees. However, the truth is that you can qualify for group health insurance even if you are the only one who works for your company. This is because employer-based insurance groups are just one of the many different types of groups that can qualify for these reduced health insurance rates.

Continue reading to learn more about how you could qualify for group health insurance even if you work for yourself.  

Form A Group With Others In Your Profession

Even though you and others in your profession may not share the same employer, you can still share the same insurance group. This is because many insurance providers only require that each member of your group meets the criteria that you set for your group. These criteria do not need to be based on where you are employed. Instead, you can choose to base these criteria on what profession you practice. For example, if you are an electrician, you can form a group with other electricians for the purpose of purchasing group health insurance. 

Form A Group With Others In Your Area

In addition to forming an insurance group based on profession, you can also choose to form a group based on where you live. You can choose to make these criteria rather narrow, such as the city where you live, or open it up to a larger area such as the entire state. How wide you choose to set your group criteria will often impact how many members you are able to recruit. Since insurance carriers will often offer lower rates to groups with more members, you may want to consider keeping your criteria as general as the insurance company will allow.

Form A Group Based On Affiliations

If you are a member of a religious, educational, or another community-based group, you can also choose to use this affiliation as a basis for forming an insurance group. Forming this type of group can sometimes be a bit easier since you and all the other members already share a common affiliation. Advertising to potential group members can also be a bit easier when choosing this as your criteria for a group health insurance plan. 


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