Insurance Coverage For Our Family

Insurance Coverage for Our Family

What Extra Auto Insurance Coverage Should You Add?

Christian Byrd

Did you know that you can pick and choose the types of coverage you get with an auto insurance plan? Many people purchase the basic types, such as liability and collision coverage, but some add extra types to their plans. Are you curious about the options you can choose from for your insurance policy? Here are several extras that some people like adding to their policies to have coverage for other types of risks that might not be covered under a basic plan.

Gap Coverage

Not everyone needs to add gap coverage to their auto plan, but many people should. Gap coverage is a unique form of coverage you should consider adding if you owe more on your car than it is worth. In most cases, new car owners need this coverage. You really only need gap coverage if you total your car. If this occurs, your insurance plan covers the difference between how much you owe on the car and the amount the insurance company gives you for the car. Without it, you might owe money on a totaled vehicle.

Rental Car Coverage

If you ever get in an accident that leaves your car in the shop getting repairs, you might need to get a rental car. If so, you can receive compensation from your insurance plan for the cost of the rental car. They call this rental car coverage, and it typically covers a certain amount per day towards your rental car costs.

Glass Coverage

Another option to consider is glass coverage, which pays for the repairs you need for your windows if they break. If you do not have glass coverage, you might receive some compensation for glass breakage if you have comprehensive insurance. The downside is that comprehensive insurance comes with a deductible, whereas glass coverage typically does not.

Roadside Assistance

A lot of insurance companies offer roadside assistance with a full-coverage auto insurance plan. If your plan does not come with this coverage, you might want to ask for a quote for it. Adding roadside assistance gives you the peace of knowing that someone will come to your vehicle to help you if you have any type of problem. For example, if you run out of gas, someone will bring you gas.

Are you ready to learn more about these coverage types or others? If so, contact a local auto insurance agent to request a free quote for insurance.


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