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Insurance Coverage for Our Family

5 Questions You Might Have About SR-22 Insurance

Christian Byrd

Are you at risk of losing your driver's license? If so, you might be able to prevent this from happening by purchasing SR-22 insurance. SR-22 is an insurance product that some people need to buy to keep driving. You will receive a letter about it if you need it, and here are five questions you might have about it.

Is It Insurance?

Many people believe that SR-22 is insurance, but it really is not. It is only proof of insurance coverage, but it is not actually insurance. When you get an SR-22 form, it states that you have car insurance coverage and that the coverage meets the state minimum requirements. Therefore, SR-22 is not insurance. Instead, it is a form that shows that you have a current policy.

Who Needs It?

There are numerous situations when people need SR-22 insurance. In most cases, people need it after they encounter a DUI or ticket for driving without auto insurance. If your state has a point system, you might need it if you acquire too many points.

Why Do You Need It?

States mandate SR-22 insurance to protect other people and to hold people accountable for driving violations. If you need this coverage, you will know that you need it. If you fail to get it in time, you will lose your driver's license. Therefore, you need this form to continue holding a legal driver's license. If you do not get it and continue driving, you will end up with further problems.

How Long Will You Need It?

The next thing you might wonder is about the timeframe of the coverage. You should always keep car insurance, but you will not always need SR-22. You will probably need it for three years, but it might be more or less.

Should You Buy It If You Do Not Have a Car?

Finally, you might wonder if you need it if you do not have a car. The answer is yes. You must meet the requirements for carrying an SR-22 insurance policy even if you do not have a vehicle. If you fail to buy the policy now because you do not have a car, you will need to get it when you eventually get a car.

Purchasing SR-22 insurance is a necessity for many people. If you need SR-22 insurance, start looking for an auto insurance company to learn more about your choices. You will have a deadline to follow, so you should make sure you buy your plan before this date.


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