Insurance Coverage For Our Family

Insurance Coverage for Our Family

Is Your Boat Covered? What To Ask Your Agent About Your Boating Insurance Policy

Christian Byrd

Any time you own a vehicle, it is a good idea to have it insured to protect yourself in an accident. However, many boaters are not that familiar with boating insurance, which can lead to confusion about their policy. Be sure to ask your insurance agent about if the following things are covered.

Is The Boat Covered When On The Trailer?

One thing you may not even think about is the coverage when you are not driving the boat. This includes when it is on a trailer being transported to your boat well or another location for a weekend of fun.

The big question to ask if what happens if you get into a car accident when towing the boat. Is the boat covered by the boat insurance policy, or is it considered personal property as part of an auto policy? Make sure you know the distinction between the two and what would apply. For instance, the boat itself may be covered under the boat policy, but what about the trailer used to tow the boat? Needing to repair or replace a boil trailer can be a huge unexpected cost to pay in addition to your deductible if it is not covered.

Who Is Covered In An Accident When People Are Injured?

Another question to ask is who exactly is covered if you do get into a boating accident. Most liability policies will cover the people in the other boat, but you will most likely have passengers with you. Will your own passengers be covered under your boat insurance liability policy, or will they need to use their health insurance?

Having the right amount of liability coverage can help protect you from a potential lawsuit if you do cause an accident on the water, so it is best to know what kind of coverage you have.

Is Personal Property Inside The Boat Covered?

Personal property can become damaged in a boating accident, and you'll want to have a clear understanding about when you can make a claim to replace it. However, you will also want to know if you have coverage in case of theft. Boats don't typically have a lock on them, since they just use a snap on canopy to protect the inside from the rain. Find out what happens if someone illegally enters your boat to steal a fish finder, stereo equipment, or any other personal property that is easy to take with them.


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